Is this LinkedIn Skills Endorsements and Recommendations Service is safe for my LinkedIn Profile?

Yes, your LinkedIn profile is 100% safe. We never ask for Log-in access to your profile. The LinkedIn endorsements and recommendations that you will receive to your profile can make absolutely no harm to you. You need to accept all recommendations manually, so nobody can write anything about you that you don’t accept.

Does My Profile will Rank in LinkedIn After I Buy your Service?

Yes, Our service can helps you rank better in LinkedIn Search result.

Do you Guarantee that Recommendations or Skills Endorsements I Buy will Stay Forever on My Profile?

Yes, The recommendations and endorsement you buy will stay forever. Unless you remove the connections who endorsed or Recommended you.


What Happens after I Buy LinkedIn Endorsements?

First please make sure you have enough skills to endorse. After placing the order, you will receive a list of profiles. You need send them connections request which takes less than 2 minutes. Because they can endorse you only if you are connected on LinkedIn. Once you sent request then you don’t have to do anything more, the LinkedIn endorsements will arrive at your profile Naturally.

Can I Choose which Skills to Endorse?

Yes, you can, All you have to do is go to your profile and re arrange the skills order and put the skills that required endorsements on top.

I need 99+ Endorsements on my Skills. Do your offer that too?

Yes we offer Guaranteed 99+ endorsement. It is a part of our Premium Service. So contact us to get more details on it.

Does 800 LinkedIn Endorsements a Lot or Just a Few?

LinkedIn endorsements don’t have a date. It’s impossible to tell when did you get endorsed.

Can you get me LinkedIn Skills Endorsements from a Specific Industry only?

On LinkedIn it does not matter where the endorsements come from ( Country, Gender OR Industry of endorser) all that matters is highest numbers. If you have very few numbers of endorsements it represents that you are less popular on LinkedIn. That’s all matters. It is very important the people who endorse you must have Profile Picture on their account and endorsements must be posted in Random Order.

In case when you Receive Recommendations then only the location or Industry matters.

What will be the Date of the LinkedIn Endorsements?

It depends on your goals. On LinkedIn It is important to have as many endorsements as possible the ultimate goal is to get 99+ endorsements. But it is also important that it should be in Random order.


What Happens After I Buy LinkedIn Recommendations?

First Please make sure you have Correct Job title and Employer name mentioned on your profile. Where you actually need the Recommendations to be posted. After placing the order, you will receive a list of profiles. You need send them connections request which takes less than 2 minutes. Because they can Recommend you only if you are connected on LinkedIn. After you sent request then You have choose the profile from the list to receive recommendation or we can choose it for you. You can also specify whether you need skill based recommendations (You need to provide your major skills names) or You need generic Recommendation.

Is the Recommendations are Available in English only?

Recommendations are available in all Languages.

Can I Choose Profile to Receive Recommendations?

Yes after you place order. We provide list of profile to choose before you receive recommendations. You choose profile that matches your Profile.

Can I Review the Recommendations you wrote for me before you actually Post them?

Yes we Always submit recommendation for review before posting them on your profile.

What will be the Date of the LinkedIn Recommendations?

It’s not possible to backdate the LinkedIn recommendations they come with the current date. However If you need all recommendations in different dates then you need to contact us before placing order. Because it can be arranged too.

Can I get LinkedIn Endorsements and Recommendations from Non-US Profiles?

Yes, We have profiles from USA,UK,CANADA,AUSTRALIA,CANADA, Asia.

Can I Remove the new Connections after the Delivery?

No, If you disconnect from people who gave you LinkedIn Endorsements and Recommendations all of the LinkedIn Endorsements and Recommendations will also be immediately remove.